The Undeniable Benefits of Canadian Passports

22 Mar 2023

As a Canadian citizen you are immediately entitled to become a legitimate passport holder.

The travel benefits of a Canadian passport are almost second to none. It is one of the most secure and respected travel documents in the world. Canadian citizens enjoy exemptions from the need to obtain visas to visit many countries around the world. You can enter 157 countries visa-free. Much of this is owed to the fact that Canada is internationally recognized as a friendly and tolerant country that works hard to cultivate and maintain international relationships with other countries.

Another benefit to a Canadian passport is consular protection. Consular officials will provide the following range of consular services to Canadian citizens arrested and detained abroad that include, but are not limited to requesting regular access, notifying family and friends, facilitating communication with local authorities, and advocating for fair and equal treatment under local laws.

In short – if you have a passport – the federal government will apply pressure on your behalf.

As a Canadian citizen with a passport, you are also free to live anywhere in the world you like for as long as you like, and you will not lose your citizenship. This makes international travel and even living in other countries easier. Unlike permanent residency, there are no residency requirements for Canadian citizens. The only restriction is that Canadians living abroad for a period of more than five years lose the right to vote in federal elections.

So…if you’re keen on ensuring that Justin Trudeau remains in office or if you’re more interested in seeing Kevin O’Leary become the next Prime Minister of the country, you’ll have to come back within 5 years.