Obtaining Canadian Citizenship Got Easier This Month

22 Mar 2023

It Just Got Easier To Apply For Canadian Citizenship For Permanent Residents

As of October 11th, permanent residents in Canada can apply for Canadian citizenship — also known as naturalization — easier and sooner than before, following the implementation of measures contained in Bill C-6, which was passed into law last June.

Previously, permanent residents were required to accumulate at least 4 years of worth of residency days out of six years prior to applying. Now, they can accumulate three years out of five. If you’ve spent time in Canada as a foreign worker, international student, or protected person before transitioning to permanent residence may count a portion of this time towards the residency days requirement, where each day spent in Canada on temporary status counts as half a day, up to a maximum of 365 days.

Also –  the government has removed the requirement for applicants for citizenship to be physically present in Canada for 183 days or more in four out of the six years preceding their application, which is another big change.

“We want all permanent residents in Canada to become citizens. That’s our wish, because we value Canadian citizenship, we understand we are a community that continues to welcome people from all over the world. And we understand the importance and the positive role that immigrants play in our economy, in our society, and in our cultural life.” – Minister of Immigration Ahmed Hussen

Other changes include the requirement to file personal income taxes, if required under the Income Tax Act, from four out of six years,  to three out of five, matching the physical presence requirement. As well, previously, applicants between 14 and 64 years had to meet the language and knowledge requirements for citizenship. That age range has now changed to 18-54 years.