Canadian Citizenship Gets A Cool Sci-Fi Twist

22 Mar 2023


Couple Get The Ultimate “Geek” Welcome As Canadian Citizens

The Edmonton Journal did a wonderful piece last month on a couple who became Canadian citizens in style. Daniel Straka and his husband Ali Finley became Canadian citizens at the Edmonton Comic and Entertainment Expo. Strake, citing his childhood fascination of Star Trek, referred to Canada as his “dreamland”, much like the fantasy worlds he’d watch William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy visit every week on television when he was a child. Strake and Finley took part in the citizenship ceremony in matching astronaut outfits.

Straka hails from Czechia and resided in the U.S. with Finley, originally from Chicago. The couple had to travel to Washington, D.C. to be married because same-sex marriage wasn’t legal yet in their home state of Pennsylvania.

“It’s an important day for us because neither of our native countries would have us at the time when we got married. Canada was the only country that would have us, so we’re incredibly grateful.” – Daniel Straka

This was the first Citizenship Ceremony held during the Edmonton event, expo spokeswoman Alex Kingcott said, but not the first in the country. The Saskatoon expo was initially approached by Citizenship Canada with the idea. The new citizens were greeted at the Edmonton Expo Centre by the local cosplay community in classic Star Wars fashion, that included appearances from storm troopers, Jedi, and even Darth Vader.