Start the application review process
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  • 2 Make your payment and download the forms
  • 3 Fill in the forms and send them to us
  • 4 We’ll return the forms within 24 hours with our comments and advice

Canada Citizenship Help can assist:

  • If your citizenship card or certificate is lost, damaged, destroyed or stolen.
  • If there is an error on your Citizenship certificate and you want to update it.
  • If you were born outside of Canada to a Canadian parent.
  • If you were born outside of Canada and one of your grandparents’ was a Canadian citizen and you meet certain requirements.
  • If you were born in Canada and want to have a Citizenship Certificate.

Obtaining a Canadian Citizenship Certificate (Routine Applications) may take 4 – 6 months as per Citizenship and Immigration Canada timelines.

Our citizenship application service includes:

  • A detailed assessment of your application
  • Assistance with preparing the supporting documentation required for your application
  • Submitting your application on your behalf. This is an essential part of the service and enables us to assure your passport approval.

We provide you with the support and knowledge you need to get your Citizenship Certificate quickly and efficiently — without hassles or headaches! We will:

  • Email you the application for a proof of Canadian citizenship certificate
  • Email you other supplementary forms as needed (for correction or lost citizenship certificate)
  • Identify a commercial photographer in your area that specializes in taking Canadian Citizenship photos and comprehensive review of your passport photos.

How Our Service Works

We provide professional consultation and assessment services for Canadian Citizenship applications – getting them done right, the first time. We ensure your application meets the requirements of Citizenship Canada.

After you sign up for our services we provide you with a secure private link to download the application as well as upload your completed forms, supporting documents and citizenship photo to our secure portal.

  1. Fill out your application and upload it securely to our portal through your secure link.
  2. We review your application to the exact specifications and standards that Citizenship Canada adheres to — ensuring it will be processed without delay.
  3. We return your application within 24 hours with any necessary changes and/or comments via email.
  4. We will identify a commercial photographer in your area that specializes in taking Canadian Citizenship photos.
  5. After taking your citizenship photo, you should upload your photos in an electronic format to our secure portal. Our Citizenship Photo Specialists provide an industry unique comprehensive review of your passport photos to be absolutely sure they were taken to the Biometric standard.

Our Fees

The total cost of obtaining proof of Canadian Citizenship using online services is US$199. The fee includes the citizenship application, supporting documents and picture review, the government application processing fees, and cost of shipping Canadian Citizenship certificate to you.