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Canada Citizenship Help is happy to be able to help Canadians ensure their passport application is accepted the first time. Here are some glowing reviews from our biggest fans. Contact us if you’d like to share your story.

Anna and I wanted to send a ‘Special Thanks’ to Mario at Canada Passport Help. Your professionalism and knowledge of this task made my experience fun and even adventurous. Mario was able to locate a photographer here on Maui that does the special photography that is required by Canada Passports which is not yet required in the U.S. It was quite amazing really, even the photographer was amazed by Mario’s tenacity as she had registered with Canada Passport Help but had never been called before!

In any event, it saved me from a costly trip to Honolulu and I made a great contact with Saphore Studios.

Thanks again Mario, you are ‘The Best’ at what you do, I am so grateful that you were there for me!

Terence & Anna Lowery

Thank you so much!

I’d like to take the opportunity to thank Mario at Canada Citizenship Help for his assistance with getting my Canada Citizenship certificate. My Mom was born in Vancouver and when I realized I was eligible for, he made the process incredibly smooth and easy. Thanks again!


Spencer Flemington - Illinois, U.S.A.

We Appreciate The Help and Guidance

Very easy to deal with and they simplify the process. Worthwhile service if you’re a dual citizen like me.

Bill McHaverington - Pensylvania

You Made The Process Easy For Us

Thank you for facilitating our applications for our Citizenship cards.

Ellen and Peter Hoyt - California

Thank you! Your service is valuable and I highly recommend it!

I want to thank the team at “Canada Citizenship Help in guiding me through the process of obtaining my Canadian citizenship. Your process was clear and professional and I appreciate how responsive you were to my phone calls and emails.

Richard Peters