Very easy to deal with and they simplify the process. Worthwhile service if you’re a dual citizen like me.

Bill McHaverington Pennsylvania

For anyone that needs help with navigating the application process for obtaining a Canadian Citizenship Certificate, I highly recommend Canadian Citizenship Help. I started to try to do it myself, but after reading all the instructions on the government website I searched for a service to help me. I was worried that any error I made would drag out the process, but with the assistance of Canadian Citizenship Help, it was easy. Their instructions were straightforward and they followed through at every step, answering my questions and following up with the government on the status of my application. ***** was just fantastic. I can't recommend them enough.

Mary Beth Kelly Portland, Oregon

After two years of working holiday visas selling out, I found Canada Citizenship Help via a search online, and I am so happy that I did! I used their service to get my Canadian Citizenship Certificate, and they were very helpful every step of the way. It was a very inexpensive service for what they provided, which is help making sure that all documents, photos, etc. are in the correct format and filled out correctly. They even advised me of my chances at getting my citizenship certificate before I even paid them anything. As a second generation Canadian citizen by descent born before 2009, this service was extremely valuable, as they were the only resource I could find that even mentioned that the law passed in 2009 was not retroactive so that I still had a chance for getting my citizenship. I have recommended their service to all of my cousins who are in the same situation as me, and I will continue to do so now that I have received my certificate and am on my way to living and working in Canada :)

Stefanie Sternagel Chicago, Illinois

I want to thank the team at Canada Citizenship Help in guiding me through the process of obtaining my Canadian citizenship. Your process was clear and professional and I appreciate how responsive you were to my phone calls and emails.

Richard Peters Baltimore, Maryland

Thank you for facilitating our applications for our Citizenship cards.

Ellen and Peter Hoyt Santa Monica, California

I’d like to take the opportunity to thank Mario at Canada Citizenship Help for his assistance with getting my Canada Citizenship certificate. My Mom was born in Vancouver and when I realized I was eligible for, he made the process incredibly smooth and easy. Thanks again!

Spencer Flemington Illinois, USA

I was fortunate to have the professional assistance provided by Canada Citizenship Help. I had attempted to obtain Canadian citizenship for two of my adoptive sons and one biological son all born outside of Canada. I had attempted to navigate all of the forms and gather all of the needed information in my free time. By the time I had all of the information gathered and the correct forms filled out, the process had changed and the forms that I had completed were no longer accepted. It was a daunting task. The high cost of lawyer’s fees for me was not an option. After struggling with the process myself for about 1 full year I found Canada Citizenship Help.

The people that assisted me, professionally guided me through the forms and gave me precise information on all of the paperwork and translations that I would need. They made the process easy. I had tried, and could not do it on my own. My decision to use their services has been one of the best decisions that I have made. I could not be more pleased with their service.

Thank you Canada Citizenship Help for all of your hard work and prompt replies to my many questions. Your assistance was paramount in my family reaching a life changing goal. My sons options in life have changed dramatically, and our options as a family have increased dramatically, thanks to your assistance.

Thank you to all at Canada Citizenship Help.

Todd Kliensasser Atlanta, Georgia

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