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Canadian Citizenship Certificate for an adult (18+) born outside of Canada to a Canadian Parent while living abroad or in USA: If you were born abroad (such as in the USA) and one of your parents were a Canadian Citizen at the time of your birth, you are a Canadian Citizens by birthright. Even though the country you were born may only recognizes that country citizenship, you essentially have a “dual citizenship”.

We can help you to obtain proof of Canadian Citizenship if you were born abroad or in the USA, and you are currently living outside of Canada. Remember, you are not Appling for a Canadian citizenship – you are already a Canadian Citizen. You are applying for PROOF of Canadian citizenship. You should choose this option if:

  • If you were born outside of Canada
  • One of the your parents were a Canadian Citizen when you were born
  • You are currently living outside of Canada

Your children may be eligible to apply for proof of Canadian Citizenship too!

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