If you were born outside of Canada and one of your parents or grandparents are Canadian, we can help to obtain proof of your Canadian Citizenship.

If you are living abroad (e.g. USA) replacing or obtaining proof of your Canadian citizenship could be very challenging and time consuming. We provide fast, professional consultation and assessment services for Canadian Citizenship applications – getting them done right, the first time. We are your one-stop Canadian Citizenship support and resource centre. We will assist you with filling out the proper forms, helping with supporting documents, identify a qualified photographer that specializes in the Canadian citizenship photo, and assess your application, documents and photos prior to submission.

Why Canada Citizenship Help?

  • Your Canadian Citizenship Application resource:  We will assist you with filling out the proper forms and reviewing your supporting documents.
  • Your Canadian Citizenship Photo Resource: Most U.S. – based commercial photographers aren’t aware of Canadian Citizenship photo standards and requirements.  We find a local photographer that is able to take the new higher standard Canadian citizenship photo and assess your photos prior to submission.
  • Our Personal Guarantee: Canada Citizenship Help has a 100% success rate in assisting our clients’ to submit applications that won’t get rejected.  We are a team of professionals specialized on Canadian citizenship.  We support you in the process until you receive proof of your Canadian citizenship.
  • We Make It Easy: We are your personal Canadian Citizenship coaches and are available to answer all of your questions immediately – via phone, email, or our online chat.
  • Responsiveness: No long phone wait times or automatic answering service. Our live agent are at your service 24/7 every day of the year.
  • Trust: Our customers trust us – and that’s as important as the service we provide. We are registered with the Better Business Bureau and employ SSL encryption on our website.  Securing and protecting our customers’ information is paramount.
  • We are an expert on Canadian Citizenship Application, documentation and photos. Our testimonials speak for themselves. We are your personal Canadian Citizenship Application experts.

Canadian Citizenship Facts

What is proof of Canadian citizenship? Why do I need a Canadian citizenship certificate?

A Canadian citizenship certificate is a document that proves that a person is a Canadian citizen.  The Citizenship Certificate is acceptable form of proof of Canadian citizenship when applying for:

  • Canadian Passport
  • Social Insurance Number
  • Enhanced driver’s licence
  • Enhanced identity card
  • Access government services such as:
    • Health care
    • Pension
    • Register to vote

If you or your child were born outside of Canada, obtaining proof of Canadian citizenship certificate allows you or your child to live, study or work in Canada without needing any permits.

Who is a Canadian Citizen?

  • If you were born in Canada, you are a Canadian citizen.
  • If you were born in outside Canada and one of your parents was a Canadian citizen at the time of your birth.
  • If your child was born outside Canada, and you were a Canadian citizen when the child was born, your child is automatically a Canadian citizen.
  • If you were born outside Canada and one of your grandparents were a Canadian citizen when you were born, you might be a Canadian Citizen.

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